10 Positive Things about Living & Business setup in Dubai

10 Positive Things about Living & Business setup in Dubai

10 Positive Things about Living & Business setup in Dubai

Looking to work in a cosmopolitan city that is strategically placed on the world map, offers great business and career opportunities as well as world class comfort and luxury?

Look no further, Dubai is just the place for you.

Job prospects, better salaries, investment options, best residential areas, shopping malls the size of small countries, the tallest hotel, the tallest building, a seven star hotel and glorious heritage! Just name it and you have it here in Dubai.

In fact, Dubai has been ranked as the top Middle Eastern city for living according to Mercer’s 2016 Quality of Living Rankings. Globally Dubai has been ranked 75.

So what are the top 10 positive aspects about living in Dubai? Let’s explore them here.

1. Tax Free Income

One of the major lure for expats looking to work in Dubai is the lack of income tax, wealth tax and corporate tax. This means that everything you earn is yours to spend!

2. Safety and Security

Crime rate in Dubai is close to non-existent as punishment for crime is tough and almost always instant deportation. Dubai police is also reliable, efficient and fast. According to World Economic Forum, UAE has been ranked 2nd amongst the world’s safest countries. On global safety parameter, Dubai ranks on no. 40.

3. Luxurious Lifestyle and World Class Infrastructure

Dubai has well planned infrastructure to cope with the huge influx of expats and tourists. People from all over the world visit the city to get fantastic shopping experience and enjoy high level of comfort. The city has an ever growing network of roads, airports, railways and sea ports. As Expo 2020 is also coming up, Dubai construction sector is expected to overtake UAE market.

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4. A Fun City with Plenty of Outdoor Activities

You will never be bored while living in Dubai. The weather is never cold; you will see blue skies 330 days of the year, on an average. There are great places to visit, always something new to try and experience that you can get to enjoy in one life-time and superb shopping malls that have something for everyone- be it pocket friendly or luxurious.

5. Multicultural Workforce

Dubai is home to more than 180 different nationalities. Not only Arabs, you will interact and work with people from all corners of the world. Dubai is also considered as a launch pad if any person wants to migrate to other country such as Canada and Australia.

6. Strategic Location

Dubai is a place where east meets west. A well connected and easy to reach destination that has one of the busiest airports in the world. Apart from being global business hub, Dubai is less than 6 hours of flying time from the majority of the world’s main commercial destinations including Europe, North Africa and Asia.

7. Lucrative Salaries and Benefits

The city offers a chance to spread your wealth. Most employees are offered an attractive compensation package that covers health insurance, 30 holidays / year as well as annual tickets to fly home. Additionally, house allowances, flexible working hours, bonuses and school allowances are also offered by reputable companies.

8. Wide Variety of Food

This is not something that you get everywhere. From Japanese to authentic Indian staples to Spanish paellas and Peruvian ceviche’s, you get everything in Dubai within your budget.

9. English Is Very Much Second Language of Dubai

Do not worry to learn the local language i.e. Arabic; English is widely spoken and understood by most people living in Dubai. However, knowing Arabic will be an added advantage which can land you better job and business opportunities.

10. Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

Dubai is a land of opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and professional skilled people from all over the world. The government is faithfully committed in becoming and remaining a highly successful international center for business in many diverse spheres. There are numerous free zones in Dubai which offer plenty of Dubai business setup options through which you can form your own free zone company.

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