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10 Positive Things about Living & Business setup in Dubai

10 Positive Things about Living & Business setup in Dubai

Looking to work in a cosmopolitan city that is strategically placed on the world map, offers great business and career opportunities as well as world class comfort and luxury? Look no further, Dubai is just the place for you. Job prospects, better salaries, investment options, best residential areas, shopping malls the size of small countries, the tallest hotel, the tallest building, a seven star hotel and glorious heritage! Just name it and you have it here in Dubai. In fact, Dubai has [...]

Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

The world of business has seen drastic changes over the years. The primary reason for this is the change in technology and the change in the way businesses are being run. The concept of just one marketplace with everything available in it is now outdated. Today, there might not even be a need to have physical existence for a business. All that is required is for the stock to be available with the sellers and its information available with [...]

how to choose business setup consultants dubai

How to choose best business setup consultant in Dubai?

There is no doubt that you need the help of a business setup consultant Dubai, when you are about to step foot in Dubai’s business world. It is highly unlikely that you will be aware of documentation required by the authorities in Dubai and all the processes that need to be completed in order for you to become an owner of a business in Dubai. The smart thing to do is to save time and money and find the best [...]

How to register for VAT as a freelancer in the UAE

How to Register For VAT as A Freelancer in the UAE

If you are an entrepreneur in UAE, you must be aware about the introduction on VAT in UAE. Its’ been already few months that businesses are complying with VAT regulations since its introduction from January 1, 2018. Big corporations due to their size and expertise are adapting well to the rules. However, there is some amount of misunderstanding amongst freelance professionals and self-employed individuals whether they are liable for VAT registration or not? And if yes, what is the procedure? In [...]