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August 2018

Myths about offshore company formation in the UAE

Myths about offshore company formation in the UAE

If you have gone through our blog, chances are that you are already aware of “offshore business in UAE”. It is because UAE presents an ideal climate for offshore company formation. However, what we have observed lately is that the term “offshore business” is frequently appearing on newspapers, television, and internet, during business meetings and conferences but more often than not, there is a negative image associated with it. Especially after the panama papers incident in 2015, many people assume [...]

Unique business opportunities available only in Dubai, UAE

Unique business opportunities which are only available in Dubai, UAE

Introduction The UAE is known for it’s the way it has developed its business infrastructure and environment in the last two decades. Business opportunities have grown exponentially as industry developed. This also required legislation and regulatory work to be done by the government of all Emirates of the UAE. One particular city that has developed at a different pace is Dubai. The city developed for business purposes, the policies and regulations have also played a huge part in making sure [...]