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January 2020

How to Start an Offshore Company RAK?

Ras-Al-Khaimah is the capital and is one of the seven Emirates of the UAE. It covers an area of a 2,468-kilometre square sharing borders with Oman and has a 64-kilometer long coastline making it one of the fertile regions of the country. The RAK city as it is abbreviated as is only a stone’s throw away from Dubai-the heart of The UAE. RAK city has managed to attract and captivate the attention of foreign investors. The city is proving to [...]

UAE’s private sector elated about Expo 2020, pins its hopes on it

The UAE’s business community is excited about 2020, mainly because of the upcoming Dubai Expo. The community has pinned all of their hopes on the investment it is bound to attract to the country.  According to David Owen, an economist at IHS Markit: Businesses are expected to grow in the year 2020 as this year is considered more upbeat than the previous one.  The reason behind these expectations is the surge in tourism and investment that the World Expo 2020 is [...]

Business Setup in Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone

Free zones are select areas in the UAE. They offer advanced infrastructure and facilities that encourage foreign investment and company formation in the UAE. These specialty zones provide economic benefits to specific types of businesses. Apart from this, the Free zones also offer benefits like 100% foreign ownership and no taxation. Every trade zone is tailored to fulfill particular business setup requirements. The Dubai Car and Automotive Free Zone (DUCAMZ), established in 2000, is one of the biggest free zones in the [...]

December 2019

Five Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investments

Minimal taxes, free trade, State of the art infrastructure, geo-strategic position in the region and competitive and thriving economy and several other benefits make the UAE one of the best places in the world to do business. Starting a business in Dubai is the best decision you can make if you want to reward the entrepreneur that is dying to come out and show its potential. Stop wondering and take action and launch your business setup in Dubai immediately! Dubai has been [...]

November 2019

How the UAE Topped the Ease of Doing Business Ranking

UAE the land that has defied all odds and transformed itself completely. From an economy centred on oil only to morph it into a diverse economy. Recently UAE managed yet another feat, i.e., It placed Eleventh in World Bank’s yearly Ranking for ” Ease of Doing Business.” What makes this news even more amazing is the fact that UAE skipped ten spots from last year to attain this rank.  Thus, making UAE as well as Dubai as the prime location [...]

Dubai’s Tourism Boom Uplifts Holiday Home Market

The steady proliferation of Dubai’s travel and tourism business has spurred an influx of investment in the highly in-demand holiday homes market. Both the investors and the homeowners are exploring ways to cash in on this unexpected but much welcomed golden opportunity, which has led to rampant growth in the availability of rental unit in Dubai — adding another attractive accommodation option to emirates already impressive repertoire. As with everything in Dubai, the holiday home market is strictly monitored and [...]

September 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Spa Business in Dubai 2019

Do you know that UAE’s spa industry is part of the fastest growing market in the world? According to EuroMonitor International 2017 Report, UAE spa market is valued at Dh1.59 billion ($435 million). According to Global Wellness Institute (GWI), Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and North Africa are the fastest growing spa markets in the world. There is clear rise in health and wellness brands in the UAE which has led to the natural evolution of spa industry. According to [...]

August 2019

How to setup a company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

UAE has been actively working on providing ideal business set up environments to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Free Zone in the UAE provide advantages such as providing 100% ownership of the company, no taxes, no laws against repatriation, etc. Although many free zones offer these benefits, each free zone has their own benefits as well that differ from other surrounding free zones. For example, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides all of the above mentioned free zone advantages. However, [...]

July 2019

Sharpest Improvement In UAE’s Business Condition Since Dec 2017

Nothing hurts countries and their people like economic declines and recessions do. The stock markets crash, trading volumes reduce drastically, people lose their jobs because companies try to cut down costs in order to survive the tumultuous times, and life becomes difficult. To clarify how much a country suffers from an economic crisis like a recession, let us remind you that the United States of America is still recovering from its 2008 recession that brought a lot of bad with [...]

Top 5 facts before registering a company in Dubai?

To own a business in Dubai is extremely easy thanks to the regulation by authorities and help from consultancies that provide all sorts of support. If you want to own a business setup in Dubai, here are 5 things that you need to know. The UAE is growing continuously You will find it hard to recognize the cities in the UAE if you visit them at considerably long intervals. This is because development work is always taking place and things are [...]