Best places to start new business in UAE

Best places to start new business in UAE

United Arab Emirates has been a destination of choice to start a business for decades now. Once an oil and gas dependent economy, today UAE has one the most diversified business markets and foreign investors choose UAE as an entry point for their new business setup in UAE and later expand to Middle East region.This is because of the economic stability, steady growth, huge market, incredibly welcoming and supporting business environment, tax free regime, liberalized norms and cosmopolitan population that is too attractive to pass up. For these reasons, over 20,000 new businesses were launched in Dubai alone last year, with most of them registered by foreign entrepreneurs. In fact more than 80% of UAE workforce comprises of foreign nationals.

In order to start business in UAE, you can either form your company in one of 7 emirates or register your company in one of the 40 plus free zones. In this blog, we have listed down the benefits of starting a business in the three popular emirates of UAE i.e. Dubai, Ras al Khaimah and Sharjah. We hope that this information will help you make decision making process easier.

Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai is the business heart of the Middle East and one of the cities that possesses most developed economies that do not rely solely on oil but also on trade, tourism, real estate, construction and hospitality sector.

Dubai’s geographical position makes it an ideal place to base a trading business in Middle East. Import/Export market is highly developed and exports from Dubai have increased over the past few years. A number of double tax treaties also encourage businesses in Dubai.

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Furthermore, Dubai has large number of free zones each dedicated to specific business profile. Foreign investors when opening a free zone company in Dubai enjoy 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions and no investment restrictions.

Lastly, Dubai also has a high living standard. Investors as well as employees working in the city enjoy living in a city that ranks first in the Middle East in terms of quality of life.

There are tremendous business opportunities in Dubai which is why investors from around the world choose to setup business in Dubai. If you want to know how to form company in Dubai, read our Dubai Company Formation Guide.

Business Setup in Ras al Khaimah

Located in the southern part of the Persian Gulf and approximately 100 kilometers from the Dubai megalopolis, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is known throughout the world for its ceramic products and the largest construction cement factories.  Ras al khaimah free zone or commonly called RAK FTZ is the best emerging free zone of UAE that is home to more than 8500 companies from 100 countries.

There are many interesting commercial projects going on in RAK which provide numerous benefits to foreign investors. Today, not only representatives of industrial sector go for company formation in Ras al Khaimah but also international companies engaged in other sectors such as technology, logistics and real estate.

Business Setup in Sharjah

Sharjah is the 3rd largest emirate of UAE and favorite location for business setup due to affordable real estate, business friendly laws and state of the art infrastructure and amenities. Sharjah has a very liberal economy and quite competitive fee structure. The Government of Sharjah recognized the importance of trade, service, and manufacturing sectors in supporting the nation’s economy, and has thus devised policies that encourage foreign investment and particularly budding businesses.

Sharjah is home to some of the major international companies in the UAE. There are four free zones in Sharjah which provide 100% foreign company ownership and repatriation of profits. You can start your business here from scratch or expand in the area in the form of business center.

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