Company Registration UAE

July 2019

Top 5 facts before registering a company in Dubai?

To own a business in Dubai is extremely easy thanks to the regulation by authorities and help from consultancies that provide all sorts of support. If you want to own a business setup in Dubai, here are 5 things that you need to know. The UAE is growing continuously You will find it hard to recognize the cities in the UAE if you visit them at considerably long intervals. This is because development work is always taking place and things are [...]

Abu Dhabi’s First Phase of Dual License

The Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi has started the first phase of the dual license initiative. This initiative of the regulator will allow companies and businesses in Abu Dhabi to operate in free zones and conduct business activities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. The aim of the initiative is to encourage and attract investment and to make an effort for economic growth across the emirate. In the first phase, dual licenses are available for companies [...]

May 2019

Dubai is building world’s greatest halal brands. How to get halal certificate?

The UAE is a Muslim- majority country where it is extremely important for halal goods that are produced or sold. The government of UAE maintains regular checks on the quality of the goods and services that are being provided within the country. It also makes sure no one deviates from the legal boundaries. In fact, a business owner will require halal certification in order to provide certain products and services to the market. This obviously is not the case when [...]

How To Import Food And Where To Sell In UAE

Since the rise in tourism, a rapid growth has been seen in the food industry. One of the most popular activities for a tourist is trying out different cuisines. This comes as an advantage for people operating restaurants and other food businesses in the UAE because of the Emirates’ culturally diverse residents. UAE is home to the most active business Setup in Dubai hub in the world which means that it is not only the foreign investment but also foreign [...]

April 2019

Master chef – Themed restaurant soon to open doors in Dubai

If you are a foodie and also like to watch reality TV shows, chances are that you will be aware of a popular culinary show named “Masterchef”. Masterchef has carved a niche in cable TV. Created by Franc Roddam, It utilizes a combination of cooking competition with a sense of reality. The major reason this show is so popular is that Masterchef uses “amateurs” as contestants rather than professional chefs. This kind of spin to this type of show offers [...]

Best places to start new business in UAE

United Arab Emirates has been a destination of choice to start a business for decades now. Once an oil and gas dependent economy, today UAE has one the most diversified business markets and foreign investors choose UAE as an entry point for their new business setup in UAE and later expand to Middle East region.This is because of the economic stability, steady growth, huge market, incredibly welcoming and supporting business environment, tax free regime, liberalized norms and cosmopolitan population [...]

October 2018

10 questions to ask yourself as an entrepreneur

10 questions to ask yourself as an entrepreneur

Have you been dreaming of dropping everything and starting your own business in Dubai? Not sure if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Let’s admit it. Creating a company is hard and entrepreneurship isn’t built for everyone. So before taking on the gargantuan endeavor of company formation in Dubai ask yourself these 10 questions first. 1.  What is the prime reason that I want to start my business? The success of your business largely depends upon your personal goals [...]

How much does the UAE full-time & part-time work permit cost

How much does the UAE full-time & part-time work permit cost?

The UAE has special laws for business Setup in Dubai, investors, workers and visitors coming to the UAE. The development of UAE was an important goal of the authorities and it required giving special attention to workers and investors. It is for this reason that the visa policy and processing has always been lenient for people wanting to travel to the UAE. Even today, the development is not complete. We may see a city that was once a desert, [...]

UAE businesses options for flexible workplaces

UAE businesses options for flexible workplaces

The concept of flexible working – letting employees to work from home or in other locations to increase efficiency and stimulate work-life balance – has been transformational for many businesses in the US and Europe. And now it seems that the UAE is also getting in on the act. According to a new research by International Workplace Group (IWG), the parent group of leading workspace companies including Regus, UAE business leaders and risk managers are going for flexible real-estate strategies [...]

August 2018

Unique business opportunities available only in Dubai, UAE

Unique business opportunities which are only available in Dubai, UAE

Introduction The UAE is known for it’s the way it has developed its business infrastructure and environment in the last two decades. Business opportunities have grown exponentially as industry developed. This also required legislation and regulatory work to be done by the government of all Emirates of the UAE. One particular city that has developed at a different pace is Dubai. The city developed for business purposes, the policies and regulations have also played a huge part in making sure [...]