Free zone company Formation

August 2019

How to setup a company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

UAE has been actively working on providing ideal business set up environments to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Free Zone in the UAE provide advantages such as providing 100% ownership of the company, no taxes, no laws against repatriation, etc. Although many free zones offer these benefits, each free zone has their own benefits as well that differ from other surrounding free zones. For example, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides all of the above mentioned free zone advantages. However, [...]

May 2019

Dubai is building world’s greatest halal brands. How to get halal certificate?

The UAE is a Muslim- majority country where it is extremely important for halal goods that are produced or sold. The government of UAE maintains regular checks on the quality of the goods and services that are being provided within the country. It also makes sure no one deviates from the legal boundaries. In fact, a business owner will require halal certification in order to provide certain products and services to the market. This obviously is not the case when [...]

How To Import Food And Where To Sell In UAE

Since the rise in tourism, a rapid growth has been seen in the food industry. One of the most popular activities for a tourist is trying out different cuisines. This comes as an advantage for people operating restaurants and other food businesses in the UAE because of the Emirates’ culturally diverse residents. UAE is home to the most active business Setup in Dubai hub in the world which means that it is not only the foreign investment but also foreign [...]

March 2019

industries are investing in Dubai to setup their business

What industries are investing in Dubai to setup their business?

United Arab Emirates has an estimated population of 9.4 million, of which more than 80% are expatriates which are either business owners with their own setup or employed in a wide range of sectors. The government favors foreign direct investment, especially in Dubai which is highly known for its free zone company formation. According to Dubai FDI Monitor report, Dubai attracted Dh27.3 billion ($7.4bn) of inward foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2017, a 7.1% increase from the previous year 2016. [...]

June 2018

Why SHAMS City Free Zone is popular with businesses across numerous sectors

Why SHAMS City Free Zone is popular with businesses across numerous sectors

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is the newest free zone launched in January 2017 in Sharjah, UAE. Sharjah presents a safe and progressive environment for free zone company formation as it also has two other free zones namely Hamriyah Free Zone and Sharjah Air Port Free Zone (Saif). The emirate of Sharjah has a fair share in UAE trade. Non-oil sector of UAE contributes nearly 70% of the GDP – 45% of which is contributed by Sharjah’s trading activities. Shams free [...]

May 2018

Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

The world of business has seen drastic changes over the years. The primary reason for this is the change in technology and the change in the way businesses are being run. The concept of just one marketplace with everything available in it is now outdated. Today, there might not even be a need to have physical existence for a business. All that is required is for the stock to be available with the sellers and its information available with [...]