Dubai is building world’s greatest halal brands. How to get halal certificate?

Dubai is building world’s greatest halal brands. How to get halal certificate?

The UAE is a Muslim- majority country where it is extremely important for halal goods that are produced or sold. The government of UAE maintains regular checks on the quality of the goods and services that are being provided within the country. It also makes sure no one deviates from the legal boundaries.

In fact, a business owner will require halal certification in order to provide certain products and services to the market. This obviously is not the case when it comes to liquor or other such products.

Even international brands and food chains have shown flexibility and have made efforts to grab the market share in Muslim countries by following the set standards required for products and services to be declared halal for use. According to Arabian Business, the UAE imports $20 billion worth of halal products. The authorities in the UAE are making efforts to increase the contribution of Islamic business and economic activities to GDP of Dubai by 10%, in 2021. There are suggestions that Dubai should become an exporter of halal products and take advantage of the demand of people around the world for halal products and the unique business opportunities in UAE. If Dubai is able to do it, there is no doubt that this will give the city huge monetary benefits from halal company setup in Dubai because the products are in demand and Dubai can meet the supply.

Halal certification

Products of business in Dubai such as food, beverages and even make up have to be certified to be halal for it to be available in the market. If you are planning on opening any such relevant company setup in Dubai, you will have to approach the relevant authorities for halal certification for your products and services.

How can you get the certification?

The halal certification system has been launched by Dubai Central Laboratory Department for halal products considering the strategic objectives of Dubai Municipality.

  • The halal certificate has to be issued by a certification body in the country of origin only, and the certification body must be registered with ESMA, after which the business can take advantage of
  • If there is no ESMA registered certification body in your home country, the certificate can be issued by ESMA’s registered certification body in a neighboring country.

Our services

The regulators in the UAE provide different licenses to different types every business in Dubai, and for different purposes, in order to provide them with regulatory coverage, and to hold them liable for any violations of regulation or law that they make.

Business Consultants Dubai helps investors and businessmen in understanding how you can obtain your halal certification and how they can take advantage business opportunities in UAE. All you need is to contact them and ask for help. The relevant laws and regulations that govern the type of businesses are also explained by the Business Consultants Dubai so that the investors make informed decisions and steer safe of any legal violations.

The consultancy will provide its experience-backed advice and help you understand of how the relevant processes work and certification. Experts at the firm will also provide you with detailed information about everything that is relevant to halal certification that the company offers so that you run your business setup successfully, while the experts at the Business Consultants Dubai of the secondary tasks like pro services and product registration.

We can help you get your certification for Halal products and services. Give us a call today.


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