Five Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investments

Five Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investments

Minimal taxes, free trade, State of the art infrastructure, geo-strategic position in the region and competitive and thriving economy and several other benefits make the UAE one of the best places in the world to do business.

Starting a business in Dubai is the best decision you can make if you want to reward the entrepreneur that is dying to come out and show its potential.

Stop wondering and take action and launch your business setup in Dubai immediately!

Dubai has been the commercial centre of the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East for a long time now. With continuous efforts of the UAE government, Dubai has maintained its economy. And now, it is expanding its fertile business grounds further into Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

It does not matter that you are an expat or immigrant or even a resident Dubai is an equal opportunity state. i.e. its business grounds are open for all to play.

Even though there are some benefits that only a UAE national can enjoy, nevertheless, the country has enough business opportunities for your business setup ideas to thrive.

The business environment of the UAE is as a whole, encouraging towards startups. However, there might be some business ideas that require numerous licenses and permits with relatively higher charges that ultimately hike-up the cost of business setup in Dubai.

Therefore, the wise thing to do is invest in a small but profitable business idea. That is in high demand and do not require a huge investment or licensing fees.

Below we are going to list five great business ideas in Dubai with low investments:

Home Based Bakery

The people of the UAE are marvellous. What makes them even more wondrous is there tendency to celebrate everything. They love to enjoy life by celebrating the little things, e.g. be it a small event like the baby’s first day in school or a large event like a wedding. And no celebration is complete without cake! Cakes are the life of the party in Dubai, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

So, if you love to bake and are passionate about it, then why not turn this into a profitable business setup in Dubai. It is the perfect example of a low-cost high-reward investment.
To test the waters, you can first start by delivering the cakes at the customer’s doorstep. If it is a success, then, you should invest more.

Online Flower Shop

As stated earlier, the Dubai populace is very lively and loves to celebrate the little joys of life. They adore flowers and love to buy flowers.

Even if it is not Valentine’s Day-when the flower business is at its peak-, they will still spend on a pretty flower bouquet to lift their spirits. As birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are celebrated in Dubai with lots of flowers and chocolates.

Thus, the online flower shop can bring in a profit daily. By adding a delivery service, you are giving people convenience that results in more people using your service. Consequently, expanding your business.

Later, you can add amenities like hand-crafted chocolates, teddy bears and balloon bouquets to add more value to your business.

Home-Cooked Meals and Delivery

Dubai is a metropolis which means that most of its population is working 9-to-5. This workforce is always on the look-out for fresh, nutritional home-cooked meals as their lunch daily. But, often times they are too tired from working all day to make it themselves.

This need for eating fresh, healthy food at an affordable price has given birth to a small but profitable business idea. i.e. Home-Cooked Meals and their delivery. The food industry in UAE is always a safe bet for startups.

You can quickly start this business by selecting a business district and offering an introductory price to the first 15 people that order from your service. Then, you just have to deliver healthy and flavorful food to them, and in a month or two, you will start getting business.

There are several search services already functional in the area, but you can differentiate yourself by providing Keto-Friendly Diet or providing Vegan only food as this market has not been tapped yet.

Hair Salon

Another low-cost business idea with high profit in Dubai is opening a hair salon. Unlike a beauty salon or spa; there is no need for a substantial investment.

Furthermore, the need for a hair salon is far greater than a beauty salon or spa. As one can forgo going to the spa if they are short on money as spas usually fall under the luxury category.

But, one can not stop getting a haircut and look messy, especially if you work in an office. Therefore, opening a hair salon is a fail-safe business in Dubai.

You should open a Men’s hair salon as they are an immense need for it. And opening one in a suitable location can become extremely profitable.

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Day Care Business

Dubai is a big city where everyone is busy doing their own thing.

Majority of the families living here consist of working couples. Because of this, these couples need a place where they can leave their children for eight hours. During this time, they want their kids to be looked after and taken care of as if they were their own.

The answer to all of the needs mentioned above is a Day Care centre. A daycare centre provides ultimate care to the kids. These childcare centres, apart from giving babysitting service, also teach kids basic manners and etiquettes. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

As you can see, many low-cost, high reward business ideas can work in the UAE. If you are ready to set up your business in Dubai, then give Business Setup Consultant Dubai a call.
We will take care of all the tedious details of setting up a business, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

Contact us and book your commitment-free consultation call today!

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