How much does the UAE full-time & part-time work permit cost?

How much does the UAE full-time & part-time work permit cost

How much does the UAE full-time & part-time work permit cost?

The UAE has special laws for business Setup in Dubai, investors, workers and visitors coming to the UAE. The development of UAE was an important goal of the authorities and it required giving special attention to workers and investors. It is for this reason that the visa policy and processing has always been lenient for people wanting to travel to the UAE. Even today, the development is not complete. We may see a city that was once a desert, turn into a metropolitan area with people from all around the world coming in for different purposes, but the authorities have plans to make things even better. Continuous development is what has attracted people to the UAE for so many years.

The government has been friendly to these investors and workers as they have played a major part in developing the country. Business Setup in Dubai and money was brought in by investors while workers provided their skills for construction of roads, commercial and residential buildings, airports, sea ports and for provision of many other facilities that make a city complete.

The laws and regulations for business Setup in UAE are revisited from time to time in order to keep up with the requirements of the country. These revisited laws include visa and working permit related laws and regulations as well.

Let’s see who can work part-time in the UAE

  1. Students over 18 years of age.
  2. Employees of the government.
  3. Employees registered at the ministry who hold valid labour cards.
  4. People who are eligible for work permits due to their families.

The UAE government allows for both part-time as well as full-time work permits depending on the requirement business Setup in UAE. This allows the government to maintain clean records of people working in the UAE as it is a must that government knows who is involved in what activities in the country. Not only does this allow better law and order situation but also provides help to the government when it tries to provide improved regulations and policies for the working class. For the perfect policy, the government requires complete and accurate details so that the policy can be framed and design considering the situation.

Documents required for part-time work permit

  1. Visa copy and valid passport
  2. 1 passport size photograph with white background
  3. Copy of labour card or Emirates ID or labour contract
  4. Labour establishment card
  5. Sponsor’s passport copy

There is also a difference in skilled and unskilled labour and special care is taken to record this important detail as it is connected not only to work force but to the economy as well. The fees also differ on this basis.

For the work permits issued to skilled workers, the costs range from AED 250 to AED 2000 depending on whether the person is from inside the UAE or outside.

For unskilled labour the fees range from AED 500 to AED 3200. There are different ranges between which you can fall in and pay the fees for the work permit. These are the charges for full-time work permit.

For part-time workers, the work permit is not as expensive. In fact, part-time workers can get the permit for as low as a total of AED 600.

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