How to setup a company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

How to setup a company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

UAE has been actively working on providing ideal business set up environments to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Free Zone in the UAE provide advantages such as providing 100% ownership of the company, no taxes, no laws against repatriation, etc. Although many free zones offer these benefits, each free zone has their own benefits as well that differ from other surrounding free zones.

For example, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides all of the above mentioned free zone advantages. However, it also has its own advantages that other free zones do not have. Here are a few reasons as to why investors and entrepreneurs should consider Fujairah Creative City Free Zone for setting up their businesses:

Flexi-desk option for up to 6 visas:

The new entrepreneurs are not required to have physically set up office space. Instead, they can apply up to six visas and sign up for flexible access to desk space. This is known as the ‘Baby Business’ package provided by Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Physical office not required for business operations:

The government allows business operation by allowing the entrepreneur to apply for several visas. There is no need to lease office space. Fujairah Creative City encourages single or freelancer business owners with packages designed to meet their needs. The costs of the business startup are low and it takes less time to set up and operate the business.

Easy to incorporate:

The companies are not required to compile annual audits, maintain books or formal business. They also do not need to provide owner experience, shareholder profiles or block share capital with their banks. This makes Fujairah Creative City easy to enter and set up a business in.

Local Sponsor not required to provide NOC:

The entrepreneurs do not need No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their current sponsor. This allows entrepreneurs to set up their own side businesses while being employed under their current sponsor. These single owner licenses can later be upgraded as the business develops and grows.

Allows a variety of businesses to operate in harmony:

There are some free zones that are specific to one sector, while others allow multiple sectors to operate in the same free zones. Here in Fujairah Creative City, a variety of business are allowed to operate together. This allows businesses of the same sector to develop and share knowledge with each other.
On the other hand, the businesses are being provided with opportunities to collaborate and expand their business into other sectors.
Fujairah Creative City is specified to sectors that deal with media, advertising and broadcasting. However, there are subsectors within these sectors such as IT and e-commerce amongst others. Such opportunities contribute to the transfer of skills and networking.

E-commerce friendly:

The process to start the company in Fujairah can be time-consuming. Fujairah Creative City allows obtaining licenses for e-commerce business through an easy and cost-effective procedure.

Corporate bank account setup made easy:

It is important for a foreigner to have sought help if they want to start the company in Fujairah. This is because the foreigners may not be completely familiar with the laws of business operation and the registration process. Therefore assistance is provided in setting up not only the company but also a corporate bank account. Experts provide help throughout the company set up process and lessen the stress of their clients.

Simple procedure to sponsor dependents:

The government of UAE is providing easy access to residency visas to the foreign investors and entrepreneurs to attract them. Similarly, owners operating the business in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone can sponsor family and employees for their own residence visas.

The process of sponsoring someone is as follows:

a) Entry permit or temporary visa
b) Status adjustment or status change
c) Medical Fitness Test
d) ID registration and residence visa stamping

It is important to consult an expert before sponsoring others. There is a criterion that needs to be met by both the one sponsoring and the sponsored.

Experts at Business Setup Dubai can help you setup your own company in the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone. Whether it is documentation requirements for business setup in Dubai or suggestion on the type of company that you should establish, the company’s experts will provide you complete guidance. They will also allow you to use the company’s support services that will help your business in Dubai grow. These include visa processing, pro services, trademark registration and much more.

We are experts at company formation in the free zone. Call us now or send us an email.

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