Master chef – Themed restaurant soon to open doors in Dubai

Master chef – Themed restaurant soon to open doors in Dubai

If you are a foodie and also like to watch reality TV shows, chances are that you will be aware of a popular culinary show named “Masterchef”.

Masterchef has carved a niche in cable TV. Created by Franc Roddam, It utilizes a combination of cooking competition with a sense of reality. The major reason this show is so popular is that Masterchef uses “amateurs” as contestants rather than professional chefs. This kind of spin to this type of show offers a great way for audience to relate with contestants on a different level. It proves that you need not to be a professional to create scrumptious dishes rather you need passion for cooking. Masterchef has more than 60 local adaptations and is broadcast in more than 200 countries.

Due to its immense popularity, a restaurant based on Masterchef theme is set to open in Dubai in April 2019. The first-of-its-kind restaurant is named “Masterchef, the TV experience” and will be launched at the luxurious THE ONE HOTEL located in Dubai Marina. The restaurant will be headed by chef Maria Vaamonde-Beggs, and will serve guests recipes of contestants and champions from ‘MasterChef’ shows around the world.

This project is a partnership between UAE property developer The First Group (TFG) and reality show giant Endemol Shine Group. It is spearheaded by Duncan Fraser Smith vice president of Food &Beverage, The First Group who calls masterchef the tv experience a remarkable addition to dubai’s restaurant scene.

The objective of this restaurant is to keep the entire experience focused on the food that culinary stars will create, whilst offering a casual, comfortable and deformalized dining atmosphere without extra trappings. The utmost emphasis is on food creativity and skill and Chef Margarita has unmatched experience and talent which just makes this new business setup in Dubai, the most exciting venue opening of 2019.

Duncan Fraser-Smith considers this launch a ground breaking concept to dubai’s dining scene. According to him, “Dining at MasterChef, the TV Experience, will be an entirely immersive experience. It will establish an emotional connection, through food, and nurture a passion for cooking at all levels of expertise across all ages and cultures, which is vital in a cosmopolitan hub such as Dubai.”

According to him the new restaunarnt will put THE ONE Dubai Marina on the global map and enhance Dubai’s reputation as a global dining destination.

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Dubai is a foodie’s paradise

Dubai is the 6th most popular travel destination in the world, according to EuroMonitor International Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017. Dubai is a city that achieves its targets in record speed that takes other places decades to accomplish. The diversity in population, flavours and trends have played vital role in making Dubai a dazzling dining destination and home to some of the world’s finest restaurants.

Given Dubai’s hugely diverse multicultural mix you can find anything, from amazingly affordable ethnic options right up to fine-dining in celebrity chefs restaurants.

According to figures from Dubai Municipality, competition is increasing among dubai restaurants with an average of four new eateries opening a day. There are large number of restaurants in Dubai ranging from 9000 to 16,000 with population of only 2.5 million residents. This means that restaurant market is quite competitive with everyone trying to come up with a unique idea.

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Relying on celebrity chef imports, Masterchef will serve up creative food that competes on a global level.

If you’re a fan of the Masterchef, you are likely to feel pretty much at home in the restaurant, which has been designed with inspirations from the show. There will also be a dedicated drinks bar inspired by the recognizable setting of the TV series.

Contestants and champions in the series from around the world will also share their stories and experiences with guests through signature dishes served during short-term residencies at the restaurant.

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