Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

Platforms for women entrepreneurs Dubai

The world of business has seen drastic changes over the years. The primary reason for this is the change in technology and the change in the way businesses are being run. The concept of just one marketplace with everything available in it is now outdated. Today, there might not even be a need to have physical existence for a business. All that is required is for the stock to be available with the sellers and its information available with potential buyers.

This and many other changes in the market structure have allowed women to become successful entrepreneurs as well. As Dubai developed into a business hub, many changes were seen in the landscape as well as the culture of the city and the environment. One change that has occurred due to the increase in business from foreign countries is the increase in the participation of women in businesses in Dubai.

How are women handling businesses?

As opposed to general perception, women are now capable of handling business responsibilities, whether it is the primary tasks such as sales and marketing or secondary tasks such as product registration, trademark registration and visa applications. These secondary tasks have been made easier for them by consultancies such as Business registration Dubai. The consultancy allows women entrepreneurs to allocate their efforts towards primary business tasks because they are more important. The secondary tasks that also include pro services are handled by the consultancy. The experts at the consultancy use their experience and knowledge to help in business formation. There are different types of companies that can be formed in Dubai, such as mainland companies, offshore companies and Dubai Free zone companies.

There is no gender discrimination when it comes to the business world. Women are showing they are just as good in business as men and have been able to setup and operate many successful businesses. Whether it is Dubai free zone companies or the other two types mentioned above, women have been able to grasp the opportunities provided by all of them. Some of the entrepreneurs have been able to spread their operations to other countries and are now known for their success.

Platform for women entrepreneurs

WOMENA is one platform that has been able to help and encourage female entrepreneurs in the UAE. The platform has not only provided encouragement but also financial support for the women who had innovative ideas.

SheMeansBusiness is also a good platform that has provided help for 10 thousand female entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs were trained and groomed and equipped with essential technical skills that were required to survive in the business world.

Types of businesses that women are running in the UAE

There is no way women could let only specific industries define them in the business world, so there is a diverse range of businesses that women are operating in the UAE.

  1. Women have been able to setup organic vegetable stores which are being lauded for the products being provided by them to the public in the UAE. The stores have been able to help the farmers in the area and also the environment in Dubai.
  2. Digital businesses have a charm of their own and that is why some of the women have followed the trend to setup their digital businesses. One website is providing comparison between different financial services and it has been a huge success.
  3. Healthcare businesses have also been the center of attention for women entrepreneurs. Some women have taken the responsibility to help others in gaining fitness and the idea has really become popular.

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