Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone & benefits of start business in SPC

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone & benefits of start business in SPC

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone & benefits of start business in SPC


The model that includes establishing free zones in the UAE has worked wonders. Not only has to brought business to the UAE, it has somewhat developed a layer of national security because interest of all nations are attached to the well-being of the UAE through business and industrial ties.

The authorities are well aware of how to get things done and how to establish UAE as a power in the Middle East and the whole world. People have freedom, security and money to live and enjoy life in the UAE. They do so whether they are workers, investors or just visitors. It is these factors that have also contributed to the success of the free zones. The authorities have tried for different components to work together and luckily for them, the machine that they have built is working better than they expected.

The law and order is supporting business Setup in UAE which is in turn supporting growth, which is in turn supporting higher investments. The cycle that the authorities have been successful in creating has done UAE a lot of favours. In the middle of this cycle are the free zones where most of the company formation Dubai has taken place after investments came to the UAE.

Different free zones were made for different purposes and specific incentives were given to companies in order to support specific industrial growth at different times and different areas. This is how the UAE has attracted almost all kinds of industries and supported every business Setup in Dubai.

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is one of the free zones that has been provided with the top class facilities so that it can fulfill the role that it has been established for. Publishing companies have the incentive to operate in an environment which encourages quick growth and helps in reaching markets that the companies did not previously have access to.

Benefits of starting business in SPC

As mentioned above, publishing companies can grow and provide their products in new markets, subject to the right use of the facilities provided to them.

  1. Entrepreneurs can own their office space at low costs.
  2. Companies in the SPC are provided with a 25 year lease contract that can be extended later
  3. Provision of trading license is quick hence company formation Dubai quick
  4. The companies in the SPC can employee all of their staff from aboard
  5. Living cost is low and manpower provision is sufficient
  6. The 100% ownership of business is allowed and all of the profits can be repatriated to the home country.
  7. Income and export taxes are not applied on the companies in the SPC. This cuts down the costs by a lot.
  8. Visa services for the employees and business owners in the SPC are provided online.

Advantages of having a business Setup in Dubai in SPC are almost the same as the other special free zones. The line and direction taken by authorities for all free zones is almost the same. What is surprising is that all kinds of industries from around the world have been lured in through these policies and there is no doubt the businesses have been successful in using the facilities provided.

The way to establish a business in SPC

If you are one of those who are measuring up their move to own a business Setup in Dubai in the SPC, all that you need is help from Company Registration UAE. The firm provides company registration services as well as support services like bank account opening, product registration and local sponsors in UAE. Experts at the firm will help you establish your business Setup in UAE and make use of the incentives provided by the authorities.

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