Sharpest Improvement In UAE’s Business Condition Since Dec 2017

Sharpest Improvement In UAE’s Business Condition Since Dec 2017

Nothing hurts countries and their people like economic declines and recessions do. The stock markets crash, trading volumes reduce drastically, people lose their jobs because companies try to cut down costs in order to survive the tumultuous times, and life becomes difficult.

To clarify how much a country suffers from an economic crisis like a recession, let us remind you that the United States of America is still recovering from its 2008 recession that brought a lot of bad with it. That recession did not only have implications for the USA but for the economic system of the world because of the importance of the U.S Dollar when it comes to world trade.

The UAE economy, for some time now, has been suffering a fall in business growth and certain other economic problems. It has been lagging behind its development goals in recent times and even though the people of the country have not gone through serious issues because of the business slow down, it does worry the authorities who have been planning on further improving the UAE economy in the upcoming years and taking it to new heights. The authorities have not been happy with the slow down because it is ultimately going to have an effect on the results of all the hard work put in by them.

The good news, however, is that the oil exporting country’s non-oil companies saw growth strengthen again in April after improvement in market conditions led to expansions in new orders and business activity. For the month, investor confidence reached a record high for the second month, consecutively. This is the best improvement in business conditions since December 2017.

But the companies are still trying to deal with the economic pressures by keeping their costs low and decreasing output prices in order to make more sales in the market.

Also, expansion rate was the fastest since January 2015. It is also being said that promotional efforts have had a say in the rise in business activity. The output prices fell for the seventh consecutive month due to the discounts being provided to customers, however this was somewhat also backed by the lower costs that the companies are now facing.

Investment strategy

This is the time for you to invest in your business and at least start with the process for business registration and company formation. The business activity has been slow but it won’t be the case for too long because the Dubai Expo 2020 is just around the corner and there will come a huge influx of tourists and people willing to invest in the UAE. You will be the one providing them with various services. Also, the business conditions are already getting better with business activity witnessing a sharp increase and the costs going low.

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