Start your digital marketing agency in Dubai

Start your digital marketing agency in Dubai

Start your digital marketing agency in Dubai

Want to be your own boss? Run your own digital marketing agency in Dubai.  Creating a digital marketing agency in Dubai can be one of the most rewarding businesses you’ll ever create. Business setup in UAE has been easy these days. You should set your goals, prepare business plan, and execute ideas and certain tricks to achieve them.

Don’t try to be fancy all the time

There are a lot of people who try to be fancy or try to be different in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, to start their digital marketing agency – and they don’t even start. Just because they keep on planning and planning and they never execute. So how are you going to kick-start your digital marketing agency, we will cover in this article.


So first and foremost thing you need is Branding. You should consider the brand colors and the brand name. Each color has its own significance, and uses. Tip: keep it simple. Always follow ‘kiss’ principle. Keep it simple, stupid.

Brand name is very important – it is your name in the market. People should know you by that name wherever you go. Whether it’s traditional or digital; if you are starting digital marketing agency as an individual or as a freelancer then it is a personal brand.

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Create a Website

Buy a domain name based upon your brand. You should build a good website. It can be one page website or 20 pages. In the first place just have a website. What people do is that they think we should have this this and that. They should have a blog of 50 articles and have a fancy video on each and every single page of their website and they end up 6 months longer and they don’t even have website. So that is where you have to figure out. Make sure you have a website in 2-3 days. It should be a piece of cake. In the later stage of course, you can update it. But first, Buy your domain and register it.

Brand Logo, Tagline, Theme of Website, Business Cards
  • Once you have website, you should have brand logo.
  • Tagline is also there. But it’s not in first place. If people know your brand name, its sufficient enough for your digital marketing agency.
  • You should have in mind theme of website that is according to trend of agencies.
  • Prepare your business cards as it will be helpful. If you are going anywhere or meeting anyone and you say visit my website, people won’t consume that so that is where your business cards will be useful.

Professional e-mail address

Once you have business cards, you should focus on professional email address as it is very important. E.g. ours is

Company Registration

It depends on business type and nature to go ahead with business registration in Dubai. Our experts at Business Setup Consultants Dubai can greatly help you in this regard.  We are a team of company formation specialists who assist our clients in the process of their UAE company formation as well as provide them various business support services such as bank account opening, trade mark registration, visa process and so on.

Starting a digital marketing agency is as simple as pie provided you are willing to do it right now. At Business Setup Consultants Dubai, we pride ourselves on being the leading business consultants in the UAE. With our vast experience, we ensure that you have a great start of your entrepreneurial journey in UAE.

If you need more information, send us your query at and we will be glad to assist.

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