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July 2019

How UAE chose 100 companies to get long-term visas

Regulation is an important part of the way authorities have built up the UAE as a business hub. In order to maintain order and provide investors with equal opportunities, it is important that regulatory authorities draw boundaries within which businesses can operate and contain their practices. This does not relate only to the structure or competition in the market but also relates to what is being provided at what cost and what quality. For a business hub to develop, appropriate [...]

May 2019

Ensure to take these pointers before you register business in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is much easier than setting up business in any part of the world, mostly because the city has been erected as a business hub only recently, and policies are as business-friendly as one would want. Whether you are a UAE national or a foreign investor, you have the best facilities, the best services and the best options for you to take advantage of. There is nothing better than having your own business because: a.You make [...]

Dubai is building world’s greatest halal brands. How to get halal certificate?

The UAE is a Muslim- majority country where it is extremely important for halal goods that are produced or sold. The government of UAE maintains regular checks on the quality of the goods and services that are being provided within the country. It also makes sure no one deviates from the legal boundaries. In fact, a business owner will require halal certification in order to provide certain products and services to the market. This obviously is not the case when [...]

February 2019

DIFC 2.0 expansion for business setup in UAE

DIFC 2.0 expansion for business setup in UAE

United Arab Emirates has rapidly become, and will continue to be a focus for companies looking to capitalize on growth opportunities – DIFC is no exception. Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is the leading financial hub in Middle East, Africa and South Asia providing a growth platform for major international financial institutions and to go for business setup in Dubai. Also Read: Why UAE is best place for expats In order to further cement Dubai’s position as a pivotal economic [...]

What are the best options in order to start a new business in UAE (in terms of activity)

What are the best options in order to start a new business in UAE (in terms of activity)

Dubai is the commercial capital of UAE. It is the favorite destination of businessmen from around the world as this “city of gold” provides enormous business opportunities and innovative commercial modules to companies from around the world. International exposure and an investor-friendly government are just two of the reasons that motivate entrepreneurs to go for business setup in Dubai. Startups in Dubai also get benefits on investments and tax when compared to other countries. Today, we take a deep dive [...]