Top 5 facts before registering a company in Dubai?

Top 5 facts before registering a company in Dubai?

To own a business in Dubai is extremely easy thanks to the regulation by authorities and help from consultancies that provide all sorts of support. If you want to own a business setup in Dubai, here are 5 things that you need to know.

The UAE is growing continuously

You will find it hard to recognize the cities in the UAE if you visit them at considerably long intervals. This is because development work is always taking place and things are getting better and better by the day. By considerably long intervals, we talk about a few months only, and not years.
Dubai is the perfect example of how the UAE has developed over the years. It has enjoyed a speed of development that no one could believe was possible and it always ranks either at or near the top of the fastest-growing city economies. Life in the UAE is fast and you can get a sense of it when you spend time over there.

Investors and businessmen want smooth registration of intellectual property which the UAE assures. Authorities in the UAE also maintain their law and order so that things like registration of intellectual property and its protection are not taken for granted and so that relevant regulations are not violated.

The UAE is full of energy

Dubai is the most populated emirate in the UAE. It has approximately 2.5 million residents and at daytime the population increases by one million more because of tourists and temporary visitors as well as people who live outside the city but come to Dubai for work.

The life is fast-paced and everyone is short on time in one way or the other. Everyone has a task to work on and you will see how the whole of Dubai is active at day time. The business world is active, new businesses are being registered and people are always looking to make things better for themselves.

Low or no taxation

The UAE has always been known for a land where taxes are low or non-existent. This is at least true for people who are salaried in the UAE. They are not supposed to pay any taxes and so they take home all that they work for. It is for this reason people are able to afford a lot. This creates demand for different products and services which are then met by suppliers in the market, and this drives growth for business setup in Dubai.

For entrepreneurs and investors, the saving in form of no taxation means that there will be extra money that could be used for a new hire, increased marketing, or expanded premises or product lines.

Business opportunities in the UAE

You can establish different types of companies in the UAE depending on the nature of your business and the type of service or product that you want to provide to the market. These types provide different opportunities for business.

The authorities have established over 30 free trading zones in Dubai where there is no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, and no currency restrictions. Also there is full capital repatriation which makes business in Dubai even more beneficial. Dubai company registration process is also easy and consultancies like Business Setup Dubai provide you with all the services that you require for setting up your business. Apart from Dubai company registration process, the consultancies provide you with support services and handle things like visa processing and product registration for you.

Visa Policy

The visa policy of the UAE is extremely investor-friendly, one of the drivers of growth of business in the UAE. Procedure to get a visa is short and simple and not very costly either. Travelling to the UAE is not an issue either with hundreds of flights coming in and landing at various world-class airports in the UAE.

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