UAE businesses options for flexible workplaces

UAE businesses options for flexible workplaces

UAE businesses options for flexible workplaces

The concept of flexible working – letting employees to work from home or in other locations to increase efficiency and stimulate work-life balance – has been transformational for many businesses in the US and Europe. And now it seems that the UAE is also getting in on the act.

According to a new research by International Workplace Group (IWG), the parent group of leading workspace companies including Regus, UAE business leaders and risk managers are going for flexible real-estate strategies to expand their business and minimize the risk.

The results of IWG study is based on the insights of over 18,000 business people across 96 companies. According to its findings,

  • 91% business leaders believe flexible working helps them grow their business and maximize returns
  • 84% consider flexible working as a tool to help mitigate against financial and strategic risks
  • 84% believe flexible working lets them manage volatile markets
  • While 87% believe flexible working helps them optimize business costs

Mitigate Financial and Strategic Risk

Entrepreneurs are now starting to recognize the strategic and financial benefits that workplace revolution brings them during their business setup in Dubai. According to Vassilis Bazinis, Country Manager UAE, Regus,

“Companies can save significant costs on real estate that they outsource, sometimes as much as 50% or more. Reducing long leases, capital expenditure and overall costs provide a financial boost that helps financial risk.”

Not just limited to financial relief, flexible work space offers businesses strategic agility. It ensures business whether small, medium or large have the agility to seize an opportunity in a new territory. Businesses with help of flexible working can now expand in a smart and safe way without getting tied down by long-leases or overheads. So risk managers now have a peace of mind that in case of market volatility or in any unforeseen event, they have a plan in place.

In addition to the financial and strategic advantages, flexible working reduces commuting time, enhances productivity, staff retention, job satisfaction and even creativity.

Increased Demand for Flexible Work spaces in UAE

Regus notes an increase in demand for flexible, suitable and connected work space solutions in Abu Dhabi. It is set to open 3 new business centers serving on-shore license holders by the third quarter of this year. They are located in key business areas in Abu Dhabi – Al Bateen, Al Mussafah and Al Reem Island.

These Business centers offer prestigious addresses to businesses of all sizes. The new centers provide flexible work spaces that allow businesses to work more flexibly and be able to work wherever they like. Work space options include private offices, co-sharing work spaces, a variety of meeting rooms, and full connectivity, thanks to state-of-the-art UAE technology services.

Regus is a global network with more than 3000 locations across 100 countries serving 2.5 million members. Not only with the provision of making latest infrastructure available, Regus provides administrative support to its members and helps them minimize the operational costs of hiring fulltime admin staff.

Earlier in 2018, Regus opened its first dual-license business center in Dubai catering to both free zone and on-shore Dubai license holders as well as in Jumeirah Lakes Tower business center in Dubai. This validates the rapid evolution of workplace environments in the UAE and reflects the current global trends of working from multiple locations and developing co-sharing and collaborative spaces that boost networking.

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