Why & how to move your company overseas

Why & how to move your company overseas

Why & how to move your company overseas

There is a perception that taking your business to overseas can be a costly process and only big companies can afford it but you need to forget these myths because now it’s easy and cost effective for all type of businesses to setup their business overseas. There are many countries which motivate overseas businesses owners to star operating in their countries.

But the question is why you should leave your own country and operate in other. There are many reasons and benefits for overseas business setup:

Tax Benefits:

One of the main reasons that companies want to do business setup in other countries is because of tax rules and regulations. There are tax free zones in many countries which provide tax benefits to businesses and you do not need to pay taxes while operating in these zones.

There are many countries which provide tax free zones but among of them Dubai is considered one of the top locations who have many free zones for businesses. Settings up a company in Dubai Free Zones provide 100% tax exemption, along with many other benefits. Businesses can also enjoy 100% ownership in many Free Zones of UAE.

Benefits of Operating Cost:

Another reason for businesses to move their existing business overseas is because they can save operating costs. Many countries provide quite competitive operating cost to businesses and this advantage motivates businesses to start their company in these locations. Companies can save substantial amount of money by moving their operations to overseas.

Brand Building:

Many companies are opening their branches overseas to give a perception that they are very well-established brand and operate in different countries. This strategy is used by multiple businesses to build their brand and give a strong brand authority to their businesses profile.

Opening a branch office in other countries is not much costly and the requirements are also not complicated in many locations. For example, many businesses operate in their own countries but they have registered a branch office in Dubai as well. Also, there are many companies who have registered their businesses in Dubai to save taxes and opened a brand office in their own country; again this strategy helps them to build a strong brand perception in the market.

Labor Cost Benefits:

Labor cost in many countries is very less which is a great advantage for companies to setup a business in these locations. Countries like USA, UK, and Canada and European regions have high labor rates, which increase the cost of operations for companies but when they operate in countries like China & India, they can save a huge amount of money from labor cost and can utilize their budget in more effective manner.

Many companies have outsourced the production of goods to China because of cheap labor cost and the India is famous because of the low-cost operation of administrative services such as call centers which have a dramatic impact on the operating costs of a business.

Friendly Business Setup Regulations

Many countries have very relaxed and friendly business setup regulations which motivate investors to invest in these regions. For example, in very short span of time Dubai has established it self as a business hub for many businesses. Ratio of business setup in Dubai has increased in past few years as compare to other countries. Businesses are enjoying many benefits in Dubai but one of the key reasons for Dubai success is the Government incentive, support and easiness in setting up a company in Dubai.

These benefits and rules are not only for big companies but many small companies are also enjoying these benefits and many countries like UAE are creating such policies and incentives which motivate small businesses to start their business in Dubai and across UAE.

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