Your Ultimate Guide to Spa Business in Dubai 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Spa Business in Dubai 2019

Do you know that UAE’s spa industry is part of the fastest growing market in the world?

According to EuroMonitor International 2017 Report, UAE spa market is valued at Dh1.59 billion ($435 million). According to Global Wellness Institute (GWI), Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and North Africa are the fastest growing spa markets in the world.

There is clear rise in health and wellness brands in the UAE which has led to the natural evolution of spa industry. According to ‘Mena Spa Report 2017, UAE’s booming spa industry, which has been ranked among the best in the Middle East North Africa (Mena) accounts for over 14% revenue share of the Mena spa market despite the fact that the UAE constitutes only 2% of the Mena population.

If you are looking to start a spa business in Dubai, you will have to follow some requirements for smooth business setup in Dubai. Let’s get into details.

First and foremost, Spa and beauty salons are approved by the Health and Safety Department in Dubai that has set a series of rules and regulations which every applicant has to conform to get a Spa License in Dubai.

Type of Spa:

You have to decide what kind of facility you want to establish, a pure spa or a hair salon, a beauty salon or would you provide additional services such as facials etc. You also need to decide which specific gender you will cater to such as a men’s spa or a women’s spa.

Keep in mind that there is a specific guideline by health and personal care department in the UAE specifying that women massage centers cannot employ men and men massage centers cannot hire women. Those who do not abide by this regulation will be fined an amount of Dh 5,000.

Finances: Estimate your preliminary costs before you begin your business and plan how to would be securing the finances for your salon’s business and its expansion at a later stage.

Location: Mainland or Free Zone?

You can start your spa business in Dubai either in mainland or free zones. Our advice would be to open a spa in Dubai mainland. Why? Because the area is populated and you can easily attract clients who are looking for spa services.

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Business Setup Options

Decide whether you want to start from scratch or buy a proper facility or invest in a franchise. Also decide the legal structure i.e. whether you want to own the business or go into partnership.

Obtain Spa License and related permits

The procedure to secure spa license in Dubai is as follows,

  • Submit passport and visa copies of partners.
  • Obtain initial approval from DED after choosing the name for your business
  • The documentation will include location plan, design, and engineering plan, electrical, plumbing, lighting systems, ventilation system details and all the details required by the Dubai Municipality
  • Draft and Sign MOA with Local service Agent
  • Sign rental agreement and obtain tenancy contract for spa facility
  • A health and safety certificate has been made mandatory for salon workers in Dubai.
  • Submit all documents to DED for final approval

Furthermore, Dubai Municipality has issued Health requirements for Spa workers and Spa. You must check those on their website before going for your spa business setup in Dubai.

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Dubai is the fashion capital of Middle East and the most fast-paced and hyper-connected city where people are time-starved and stressed due to work. They are all looking for moments to quickly relax and desire to bring more health and wellness into any forms of escape. Savvy entrepreneurs like you should grab this business opportunity and craft a unique spa experience for your clients.

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